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The Sustainable Habitat program is an initiative by which Ingersoll Rand is collaborating with the larger community to help design a solution that will innovatively address the housing needs of emerging economies while optimizing both natural and financial resources.

The world is changing every second. Environment pollution is a major source of worry. Global warming is changing the climate and the world as we know it every day. Natural resources are depleting rapidly and it is only a matter of time when the world will run out of all its resources.

Given this scenario , there is a critical need in emerging economies for housing that takes into account factors such as the material, low energy usage, water, sanitation, data connectivity, urban design, health monitoring, comfort and safety for the large population living with less affordability levels. Taking this into consideration, Ingersoll Rand has taken the initiative of creating 'Sustainable Habitats' that will be low on cost, high on innovation and technology by building a set of low cost dwellings, for differing climatic zones.

The Sustainable Habitat Challenge celebrates innovation that can save the world. It is the platform where revolutionary ideas can be transformed into reality through design and technology that can build the most sustainable habitat as we know it today. It is a program that will empower the common man to improve his or her life in India, and in emerging countries such as ours across the world. You never know whether the germ of the idea you have in your mind could well be the game changer. All it requires is your will to prove that you can bring the change.

Go ahead. Join the revolution!!